Carlswald Branch

Siân de Jong

Siân received her highly commended Montessori Diploma for children aged 2½ to 6yrs at the College of Modern Montessori in 2002. She successfully ran her own company in partnership with Lynne Jackson from 2000 to 2006, focusing on adult stock market education where she also completed a bookkeeping course in 2005. Siân also completed her First Aid Level 1 course with Heart to Heart First Aid in 2006 and then completed an additional First Aid Level 1 course with National First Aid Academy in 2010. In 2006 Siân decided to start her own Montessori Preschool and then opened the doors in January of 2007 and have been going from strength to strength ever since. Siân taught the 3 – 6 year age group for 4 years before taking a on a full time Principal role in 2011, however stayed on as the Grade R teacher. Her love for the classroom got the better of her and she returned to the 3 – 6 year class in May 2012.

In August of 2008, Siân attended the Move to Learn, Learn to Move Workshop presented by Susanne van Niekerk from The Brain Connection (Centre for Neuro-Educational Assessment and Learning Efficiency). The Move to Learn program goes back to basics to promote sound Neuro-Educational Development to ensure Learning Readiness.

In 2009 she qualified as a Grade R teacher as she completed the ‘Advanced course in the Reception Year’ through UNISA and has future plans to complete her degree in Foundation Phase Education (Up to Grade 7). Siân has always had a passion for teaching children and coming from a family of teachers, it runs in her blood.

Siân is also a full member of SAMA (South African Montessori Association) and ADHASA.

Kirstie Wallace
Vice Principal & Admissions

Kirstie joined the Midrand Montessori team in February 2011 after spending 10 years in the hospitality industry in South Africa and the UK . She took over from Lynne and fulfilled the role as the school secretary and administrator and was promoted to general manager in 2013. As the school has grown over the years, Kirstie took on the role as Vice Principal from January 2015 and is also in charge of school admissions. She obtained her Montessori Diploma for children aged 3 to 6 yrs at the College of Modern Montessori and qualified at the end of 2015. She attends regular Montessori workshops to further develop her education in the Montessori Method and takes an active role in the Montessori environment. Her love for the children and seeing them develop and grow is her biggest motivation at ensuring high quality standards within the school.

Lynne Jackson
Accounts Department

Lynne has been with the school since the day it opened its doors in January 2007. She was the school secretary for 5 years and then decided to continue doing the accounts and invoicing from home. She also assists with some of the day to day shopping and is deemed as the “gogo Lynne” of the school.

Roxanne Moir
Primary Directress

Roxy obtained her 3 to 6 years early childhood course teaching diploma, in the theory and application of the Montessori method of education, in 2011, through The College of Modern Montessori and qualified with distinction.

In 2016, Roxy received her 6 to 9 years teaching diploma, through the North American Montessori Centre (NAMC) based in Canada, and was awarded with the highest credit.

Roxy has always had a passion for teaching, and fell in love with the Montessori teaching principles when researching a method that works for every child. She is a true Montessorian and takes pleasure in her students many successes. Roxy has been a part of the Midrand Montessori team since 2013 and is proud of how the Carlswald branch has grown with her.

Roxy plans to continue her studies in the Montessori Method by working towards obtaining her 9 to 12 teaching diploma.

Kelisha Naidoo
Preschool Directress

Kelisha is a hardworking person who found her passion to work with children from a very young age. She qualified as a Montessori directress 3-6 years in 2016 at The College of Modern Montessori. She also offered voluntary services in different schools. Kelisha is patient and dedicated in everything that she does. She believes that every child is meant to be respected for their uniqueness, which is what drew her to becoming a Montessori directress.

She intends to further her studies by doing the Primary 6-9 course at The College of Modern Montessori.

Jennifer Hellyer
Preschool Directress

Jennifer comes from a background in the hospitality industry. She discovered the Montessori Method of teaching through a former boss’s wife who owns a Montessori school in Cape Town. Jennifer began working as a teacher in a mainstream school, however felt passionate about Montessori and began studying in 2015 towards a diploma in Early Child Development through Montessori Centre South Africa (MCSA). She joined the Midrand Montessori team in September 2016 and is incredibly passionate about aiding in the development of young children.

Lorain Lindsay
Primary Directress

Lorraine joined the 6-9 Primary class in September 2016. She comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience, having worked at Buccleuch Montessori for over 10 years as well as being a lecturer for 4 years at the College of Modern Montessori. Lorraine is a qualified 3-6 Directress, but as her passion lies with the primary children, she completed her 6-9 Lower Elementary Course through NAMC (North American Montessori Center) in 2012. Lorraine values the quality standards that the Montessori curriculum offers and believes it is an integral part in our childrens education.

Landiwe Sikitime
Cook and Primary Custodian

Landiwe joined the team in 2016. She is our dedicated cook in the kitchen and ensures our children get balanced healthy meals daily. She also values hygiene within the school and helps to keep our school beautifully clean.

Lihle Mlambo
Primary Custodian

Lihle joined the team on a part time basis, to assist in the kitchen and as well as to help keep the school hygienically clean.

Alina Wark
Primary Directress

Alina first encounter with the Montessori Method was when she joined a highly appreciated nursery school in London in their admin department. What amazed Alina from the beginning was the philosophy behind the method and especially the way children are taught Mathematics and Geography through the Montessori way, moreover as Alina has a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and a Master Degree in Environmental Sciences. Alina’s Montessori experience grew over 3 continents. After completing her Early Childhood Diploma Course with Montessori Centre International in London in 2012, Alina moved to USA and worked as a teacher assistant while bringing up her, at the time new born, daughter.

Alina joined Midrand Montessori in 2015 and matured as a Montessori teacher by working here. Alina completed an Advanced First aid paediatric course in 2011 building on her knowledge previously gained attending a Nursing college for 1 year after completing her Baccalaureate. Getting to know how children grow and develop in a Montessori class gives Alina a great satisfaction. Originally from Romania, Alina married a South African and moved to Johannesburg. She enjoys South Africa’s natural sceneries, outdoors and the country’s cultural diversity.


Nthabiseng Ngoepe
Primary Directress

Nthabiseng studied at the University of Johannesburg and completed a degree in Development Studies where she majored in Psychology in 2012. She later discovered that her passion lies with the children and decided to study child development at Montessori Centre South Africa  where she obtained her diploma.  She completed her teaching practicals at Montessori Academy and College and was highly commended.  She joined Midrand Montessori team in May 2015 and her passion for the children grows daily.  Nthabiseng also has her level 1 first aid qualification and to keep upto date with Montessori best practice procedures she regularly attends the SAMA special interest group meetings.

Sandra Matemera
Preschool Directress

Sandra is a hardworking woman who enjoys working with children. She is a patient, dedicated teacher and has a passion for the Montessori philosophy.
Sandra holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management which she obtained in 2013. In 2012 she completed her Certificate in Early Childhood Development through MCI and then in 2014 she completed her Diploma in Montessori 3-6 years teaching through MCI (Montessori Centre International). Sandra is ambitious to study further by studying the Primary Montessori 6 – 9 years course through MCI.

Lillian Ndlovu
Preschool Assistant

Lillian joined the Midrand Montessori team in January 2014 when the Carlswald branch opened its doors. Lillian is an assistant in the 3-6 class and shows a true passion for children. Her calm, loving nature has won many hearts of the children and she shows true dedication to her job. Lillian also completed her First Aid training in January 2015 and has successfully completed in-house Montessori training to further her studies.

Tshego Mokoti
Preschool Assistant

Tshego joined the team in January 2015. She has always wanted to work with children and has fitted in really well. Tshego has developed good relationships with the children and parents alike and is a great team player in the classroom.

Fabiana Behrens
Preschool Directress

Fabiana received her Montessori diploma for children aged two and a half to six at the College of Modern Montessori in 2009. She taught at Midrand Montessori in 2009 for a year and a half, before she moved into a corporate school. Fabiana gained a lot of experience in the 3 years she worked there. She completed her first aid level 2 training in 2012. Fabiana returned to Midrand Montessori in January 2015 and is the Toddler Directress. Watching her son grow has deepened her love for the Montessori method.

Lebogang Xolwana
Toddler Directress

Lebogang was introduced to Montessori in the Year 2011 when she took her child into a Montessori School. She then decided to complete a Foundation Course in Montessori Pedagogy in the year 2013 through Montessori Centre International. Lebogang is in the process of acquiring a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood development: Foundation Phase through Unisa. She completed her Corporate First Aid course Level 1 with Systematic Medical and Response Training in January 2015. Lebogang joined the Midrand Montessori team in September 2014 and is in love with the whole Montessori experience!

Release Mandlaze
Toddler Assistant

Release joined Midrand Montessori Noordwyk in 2014 where she was trained as a Montessori classroom assistant. She was then transferred to the Carlswald branch to assist in the Toddler class. She has completed her First Aid – Level 1 training as well as completed the assistant Montessori training for which she received very high marks.

Zandile Mthethwa
Toddler Assistant

Zandile has been with Midrand Montessori Carlswald since it opened its doors in January 2014. She comes from a background of previous experience in working with preschool children. Because she has such a passion for children, she worked at a church as a volunteer and dedicated a lot of her time in looking after and assisting preschool children.


Rinsin Khumalo
Security Guard/Groundsman

Rinsin joined the Carlswald team in January 2014. He is a very friendly, likable person and takes his job as ‘security’ very seriously. He also tends to the garden, ensuring the grounds are always impeccably kept. Rinsin also completed his First Aid Training in January 2015.



Albert Motaung